Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snow Snow and MORE SNOW!

Snowing again... I can't wait until spring when i can finally ride outside again! I am sitting in LA 'working' on a Fakewall post thingy for a novel study, YEAH RIGHT! Rather be scrubbing tack than this any day, or working as a stable hand for the racetracks... anyways, I hope it's like warmer out there wherever you are, cause i am freezing! I swear, LA is like the worst subject ever, although it's my best. But it's seriously totally BORING, and i also wish i was at home, so i could actually go on facebook! I can't here cause the school computers block it, so it's an issue, i'm working on hacking into the server,  but i've never really  been great at guessing passwords...  well the teacher's coming, so i'd better go.. there will be more dirt later..

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