Monday, March 7, 2011

Jr. High Youth Rally 2011

Hi Everyone! Hope you had as awesome a weekend as I! The youth rally was so cool, and it was totally worth driving 2 and a half hours to get there! We had home groups, and this one guy Benjamin was from Whitehorse! And he knew my aunt, and apparently her cafe is like the local hangout there, so that was super cool! I met lots of different people, and made a new bff, Hanneke! I love her name, it is totally Dutch! Which makes sense cause she was born in Holland! She is very loud, and has lots to say, but she is awesome! This one guy thought I was 18, and I was like, Thanks, but no, I'm only 14! That was funny, and also flattering! So, i also traded fb and e-mails with like 40 people, so that'll up me to about 150 friends! I also took my guitar to the rally, very albertan of me i know, and we jammed out to a bunch of songs, and the band guys that were there to play for the rally were very impressed! Also, Chris and Micha were there names and they were very hot! Chris did this one trick thing with three plastic cups where he has two put together and one in front of the other two. Then he blew air into the stack and the top cup shot out! He actually caught the air-born one in the cup that he put in front of the stack! It was pretty cool! This one girl who was sleeping next to me didn't have like a sheet under her air matress so it was super squeaky during the night! It was super annoying, i wanted to say; STAY STILL I"M TRYING TO SLEEP HERE! also, it didn't help that we did stuff until like 11:30, then lights out at 12 in 2 nights in a row! God, so much lost sleep! Anyways, Tristan, me and Cassidy plus my mum drove home on Sunday, and Cassidy and me totally hit the wall cause we were so tired! My mum kinda lost it too for awhile and Tristan was like; SHUT UP YOU GUYS! lol it was so funny! One thing that totally made a crack up was when Cassidy pulled down the sun visor thingy and it was stiff so she pulled it towards her head super hard, and almost whacked her face!!!! it was so funny, but you'd have had to be there to really get a kick out of it! So again, hope you had a great weekend, and also hoping that it's warmer where you guys are so you can really get outside and ride! Or just go outside without freezing... period.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snow Snow and MORE SNOW!

Snowing again... I can't wait until spring when i can finally ride outside again! I am sitting in LA 'working' on a Fakewall post thingy for a novel study, YEAH RIGHT! Rather be scrubbing tack than this any day, or working as a stable hand for the racetracks... anyways, I hope it's like warmer out there wherever you are, cause i am freezing! I swear, LA is like the worst subject ever, although it's my best. But it's seriously totally BORING, and i also wish i was at home, so i could actually go on facebook! I can't here cause the school computers block it, so it's an issue, i'm working on hacking into the server,  but i've never really  been great at guessing passwords...  well the teacher's coming, so i'd better go.. there will be more dirt later..